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Worried and Upset

I am still worried right now; Faith doesn’t only have a cough but a runny nose as well. Yet it doesn’t subside her being so active, in fact she still keeps on running around or being so naughty. A while ago while her sister gave her a glass of water, she played with it. And when I took it, she cried so hard, she insisted to have the cup again.

I am so tired when we arrived home from KUMON but I have to clean the filter of our aircon, as I thought it was the culprit of my little teapot’s runny nose and cough. While I clean it, I asked Mj to charge my phone but right now after we watched the Green Rose, I found out that she did not charge my phone; instead she just put it on the top of the freezer. I hate it when she does that, she would always say yes or wait whenever I asked her to do something then later she will not just follow it. I was pissed off, I told her to look for the charger so she can quickly charge my phone but to add up my disappointments, the charger was lost.