Archive for May 28th, 2011

Google Connect, Not Showing Up

Is it just me or everyone is having problem with their Google connect. I tried to refresh all my blogs so many times but it just don’t show up, it is either in blogger or in wordpress. And when I tried to search it online if anyone has the same problem or at least a solution for this, I found out a trend with the same problem and until now it is still not fixed. If anyone has a solution on this problem can you please comment me here and tell me what to do with it? Or would we simply wait for the blogger or wordpress do a solution for us. So confused!

Six Months Away

It’s only six more months to Christmas and it’s time for me to start thinking about presents and Christmas cards. Yeah I believe in starting early. Why not, it is my favorite season. Personalized Christmas cards are nice. I particularly like Christmas photo cards. I can put a photo of the family on it and share the joy of our Christmas with friends and family. Should I put the whole family on it or just the kids? Well it is something to consider. Now back to my thinking of what our Christmas will be like this year, after all it’s only six months away.