3D Movie Glasses

I was not able to be online last night, when we home from watching the Kung Fu Panda 2, me and Faith went to bed right away, she was able to sleep right there and then while Mj was doing her worksheets for KUMON.
We had so much fun but I hope the cinema would provide smaller 3d glasses so small kids like Faith can wear it all the time. We tried to put a rubber band on it to hold it on her head, it worked at first but later the rubber band gave up, because it was too small. Yay and I keep on putting it away from her or extra careful because if there is some damage of the glasses when you returned it, it would cost you 4,000 pesos for 1 3d glass.
We should have went to SM for 3d movies because there, at least Faith could wear their glasses unlike the one that we went to yesterday, their 3d glasses is too big for her.

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