Finally, We Were Able To Get An Appointment

We finally went to Jm’s Pediatrician today after her Kumon. I never thought she has a slight fever as she keeps on telling me a couple of days ago. The doctor recommended us a Nasatap, medicines for her colds and for her cough as well. He also suggested for a flu vaccine since she swims very often, not only her though but F as well.
It was a relieved that he told me she can do her training tomorrow when I asked him, he said if he does not have a fever at all, she can go but when she still has, she should be resting yet. When we were inside the mall to buy her some medicines, I told her not to point anything since our funds are so limited. She was behave and did not complain at all but I was the one who was hungry so I suggested buying for a corn and bottled water will not be a problem, well at least we don’t have to go to Jollibee or Mcdonalds as she always wanted to dine in. So we still have few money left for fare and for some breads and chocolate cake for her sister.
We were able to arrive home early and oh it is just so nice to be just at home.

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