The Monitor Screen Turns Upside Down!

Even before when my little tea pot was only 1 year old, she can make my laptop go crazy, oh no not the laptop but me. First was when she disables the mouse of my laptop, I could not use any mouse anymore and I tried so hard to research what should be the key to put it right.
Second was when she moves the power button of my Internet connection, I didn’t know yet at the time that my Acer had a switch on and off in the bottom part of it, I have to call the computer shop where I bought my router, thinking it was their gadget that causes my laptop not to detect any signal. The technician tried so hard to tell me what to do with my router but of course it did not work since it was not the culprit. Then later on, the technician realized that my laptop might have a switch that I accidentally turned it off. In short, we found it and I know then who set the switch of my laptop off.
Third, me and Jm just arrived from the mall, I placed my mini laptop in the couch, which later she took it and hit her sister’s back. Good thing Jm was not that hurt but then when I opened my laptop, the screen was dark and it was not working at all. I thought it was attacked by a virus so we tried to reformat but then it still did not function. My husband researched about it and the solution was that I only have to tap the bulky circle area in the bottom like three times and after I did that, it miraculously work!
Now my little teapot was being mischief again. Last night, after Jm used the laptop F tried to open it, she was successful to open but then I told Jm to turn it off again. I didn’t know that she was pressing some keys again to disable some things I don’t know. This morning I found what she did. My monitor screen turns upside down! I have to turn literally the laptop upside down as well, so we can navigate the keys. I don’t know how to react but one thing for sure I was really laughing so hard. She did it again for fourth times now, one friend of Jm tried to help me undo the settings, he tried the control panel but we can’t find anything from there. And so we search for it and there’s one who has the same problem with mine, they had a solution and that is to press the CTRL+ALT then the arrows.
This time, we are closely monitoring of my little teapot and we shall watch her of her next agenda, yay!

2 Responses to “The Monitor Screen Turns Upside Down!”

  1. Grampy says:

    Good Luck Anne. They move pretty fast and attack without warning. But no matter what. We sure do love them.

  2. sHeNgKaY says:

    so curious lang talaga mga baby..but you know..buti na rin yun..kasi tayong matatanda natuttuto din kaya.. if hindi nya ginawa yun tingin mo alam mo pano yun gawin ibalik? at now nadagdagan ang knowledge ni mommy.. hahaha..

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