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Girl’s Talk : Most Memorable High School Moment

I have so many memorable moments when I was in high school, my teacher always remarks me in my report card that I was the most friendly students ever. Imagine, almost all my classmates will going to our house that is made of wood just to hang out, or watch a movie through betamax, it was betamax during that time yet. When I counted them, they were like 24 students went to our house.

And from first year to fourth year high school, every time I celebrate my birthday, my friends were always ready to pour me some water, or flour or eggs. I was shocked on my first year high, I wasn’t prepared but on my second year, I ran as fast as I could but they always got me. Good thing, that time there were already two of us who celebrated our birthday, so it was not only me who got wet but two of us.

And last but not the least was my first ever crush on high school, it was during my 3rd year to fourth year high, we were not classmate nor school mate, he was our neighbor back then. He was not handsome but I like the way he crack some jokes. LOL it made me laugh so hard, but then although we had a crush on each other, he didn’t became my boyfriend, it is just maybe we cared too much of our friendship that we didn’t want to ruin it if we broke apart.

By the way, I am sorry for being late again in submitting my entry, it was just we got too busy last night that I was not able to open my computer sigh!

She Loves To Read Books

I keep on buying some books for Faith whenever we go to the mall, simply because she would really drag me where the books were situated. The colors and the images amazed her so much, but when I started to read the story for her, she keeps on flipping the page and won’t listen to me at all.

Lately, it has been changed, since I enrolled her for nursery. Every time they arrived home, she would gather her books from the table and would ask me to read the story of the books. Sometimes she would ask me of the shapes, the colors, the name of that certain image and the like. When I ask her back of those things she can easily remember and would answer me at that. Although there were images that she can’t easily identify thus I would tell her the name of that certain image again.

The Precious Star

We had so much fun while chatting with my husband this morning. Faith woke up with the star that her sister gave her last night and she can’t help to utter the song “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, we showed it to Daddy over the webcam and my little girl keep on smiling, we even called him on the phone for Faith to sing her Daddy her favorite song, while she was holding the star. She can’t get over it and she even brought it to school. It was just an ordinary star, a project of Mj in one of her subjects yet for Faith it was such a precious star that was made out of paper.

KID # 8: We Are Sisters, We Are Friends

One thing I always proud of my kids are being closed to each other, I hope that would continue until they grow up. Although sometimes they fought over something, just like yesterday, Faith has her own lollipop and when she finished it, she wanted to have a lick of that pop of Mj. She did not stop until she has it, I somehow explained Mj to just share it to her sister so she will be quiet. Mj was obliged to just give the whole pop to her sister, but when Faith noticed her sister was crying, after she got a bite of that lollipop, she returned it to her sister. Of course since she already had a bite of it, Mj did not take it.
It was one silly scene at the movie house, sigh! But even so, we still enjoyed the movie so much.

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