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So Proud!

My daughter had some really great accomplishments at her swimming completion in Manila. Unfortunately, do some administrative mix ups, she was not there as an official competitor. My husband was so proud of her that he made some certificates for her and her team mates. How much better it would have been for the team to have been awarded the trophies they deserved. I am proud of the whole team and their extraordinary efforts. All of us parents are proud of our kids. They worked so hard and have accomplished so much. We are looking forward to future competitions and the chance to win some real trophies.

FTF # 45 : Corned Beef

We were all so tired that day, oh well, who would not be tired when we were so lost and for us to go back home is to drive 2 buses 3 jeepneys and a tricycle before we arrive at the apartment we rented in Santolan, Pasig from Pasay where the taxi driver took us. We made it clear for him from the very beginning that we will be heading to Pasig, Santolan yet he still took us to a wrong place.Anyway, even though we were so tired, all the moms were still able to cook for the kids, we only cooked corned beef for dinner though, we can’t think of anything more, that’s the only dish we thought we could instantly cook since the kids need to rest early for their training in ULTRA the next day before the competition besides we have still some left over from that morning, it was not spoiled yet so we took it.

Lol everyone said I look so mad at these picture, nope I wasn’t, I was just definitely tired.

Here.s the corned beef and I forgot what’s the other thing.

I am sorry for not capturing it well, I hope it will still be counted as my entry for:


Girl’s Talk : The subject I hate the most

I am sorry guys, I was not in the mood to blog yesterday, I was so depressed and down, and I feel like I am the stupidest girl in the whole wide world. On the other note, enough of that ranting, yesterday is past and as what my husband said, that was only a part of learning our mistakes.

The subject I really hate most is Math, I really don’t like and I even could not understand the x + y and square root of something. Grrr, I hate it, I can just answer it if there’s an earthquake drill and the students are required to go outside, in that case I have the chance to copy the answer of my classmate LOL!