Our Weekend

We decided not to go out as we used to every Sunday, Mj was supposed to attend her classmate’s birthday but since it was their cousin’s birthday as well, she decided to attend Mariel’s birthday instead, well she has no choice since no one would send her at her classmate’s house.
We watched a movie first in the morning in HBO; it was the Karate Kid, the movie that we wanted to watch over and over again. Actually that was already our third time to watch it yet we were still so thrilled with the flow of the story. After a while, Mj asked if she could use the computer, I allowed her since it was Sunday, while I took a nap for like an hour, and Faith was on the TV watching her favorite show.
When I got up, I told the kids to be ready; I surprised them by driving them to my sister’s house. I tell you, I got goose bumps, I still don’t have much confidence yet I have to overcome my fear. We were stuck for like 15 minutes but after a while, I was able to drive smoothly, the kids were so proud and happy.

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  1. Grampy says:

    Great job Anne. It is nice to be independent isn't it? Hope everyone had fun at the Birthday Party.

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