When They Are Out

I thought that when the kids are off for school, I could relax and rest from the screaming and the noisy stuff at home but yesterday, when they were off to school, I suddenly miss the messed up and the screaming especially when Faith laugh out so loud while watching her favorite show.

After doing my task here, I immediately took a shower, grabbed my bag and went out. I went to Faith’s school first and stayed there for a while, since we can’t go inside the room, I just listened to their activity and her voice from the outside. My sister Merlyn was there ready to fetch her up so I went to Mj’s school to send her fork and spoon, which she forgot to bring that morning. After lunch I went back and found Faith at home, she just arrived from school and was taking her lunch. Good thing that Faith has to spend only a half day at school. The house is at mess and so noisy again, but you know what? Even how messy it is when the kids are around at home, I am enjoying and loving it and I miss it whenever they are off to school.

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