Where’s My Paper?

My little Faith is a persistent toddler; she will do all the adventures on her own little world. Just today at school she did not behave again, she would rather like to play than to listen to her teacher, she want to just stay under her table.
So my sister has to get inside the classroom for her to behave, and when the teacher passed on some papers for them to color, she noticed that her teacher did not give her one. And so she asked “Teacher, where’s my paper? Paper please, please?” the teacher seemed not to notice her, her Aunt was watching her, and gave her signs if she needed a paper, she then said “Malyn, paper please?.” My sister approached the teacher and asked her about Faith’s paper, the teacher said “Oh Faith, I’m sorry, I forgot.” So my sister took the paper and gave it to Faith, my little Faith immediately told my sister “Thank you, Malyn”, such a naughty but a sweet little Faith.

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  1. Grampy says:

    Sounds like you have your hands full with Faith. The Teacher may have been trying to teach her a lesson.

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