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Extra Curricular Activities

My eldest daughter is taking her training seriously; we are planning to join the team in the upcoming competition next month. We don’t have a form yet, I hope we can have that before August starts. Aside from swimming, she also have worksheets to attend to for her KUMON sessions, she had both reading and math, I plan to take one out but she said it will be a waste, she already have started it so she must finish it. But let’s see if her schedule really hectic maybe we will give the English a rest, she can continue her Math since that’s her favorite.
I thought she will be no longer attending activities at school, but to my surprise she did, last week she told me she just joined the VOICE, it is a choir organization of their school and she told me things that they just did like their practice and such. Good thing that her teacher knew that she’s a swimmer so their practice schedule would always be in the morning between 8:00 a.m., to 8:30 a.m. I just didn’t argue with her, I know that she loves music so much, she prefers to listen to the music in you tube than to entertain her friends in FB and if when she’s at FB she is, just playing Tetris. But this weekend she wasn’t able to use the computer because of her busy schedule, she just listen to her favorite songs through her cellphone. Well, anyway whatever she becomes, I am always be here for her, she just have to bear in mind that more than anything, her school must be on top of her priorities.

Fun Activities For My Daughter

Having a very active 3 and half year hold is challenging. She is at the point that she wants to explore and touch almost everything. She gets easily bored at times and that is when she does things that make me a bit frustrated with her. So what do I do? I need have planned some fun activities for kids. Games and activities she will enjoy alone or with her sister or with me.

One of my objectives is to teach her things that will help her when she starts school. She already attends pre-school and she is doing some kids learning activities, but I hope to broaden the scope and experience of her learning. She seems focused on a few things, but I would like to see her try new methods instead of repeating the same one over and over. I hope I can be successful.

Education for kids can start early. I know of people who will start to try to teach their kids before they are actually born. I don’t know how successful this approach is and I wonder what the result would be for my daughter if we would have been able to attend Antenatal classes Sydney. I have no idea how it would have turned out. My girl is smart and clever, but at times she can be a real pain in the butt. But I love her dearly and want the best education possible for her and her older sister.

KID # 9 : Preparing for School

This is my little Faith who is waiting for my sister to send her to school. I bought that tops and her skirt in Manila when we went there last month. She just looks so adorable with that outfit, and of course you might want to include the print. Hehehe

This my baby, telling me that her shoes are dirty. LOL

Oh please Auntie Merlyn hurry up, Ill be late for school

Please, Oh Lord, stop the rain and the sun comes out this time

LOL, don’t you dare object.
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