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Do I have to worry?

I am not sure what to do to my little toddler anymore; she can’t seem to be still at school. She easily gets bored and when she does, she would roam around the whole classroom or even hide at the back of the chart. Although she won’t listen to her teacher, somehow she manages to identify all the colors and can easily pronounce it very well. We even teased her of her pronunciation, she sounded like her father yet she is surrounded by the native people like me. LOL. And when she spoke to me in English, I am trying hard to speak to her in English. We really don’t actually teach her to speak like that; she just copied it from the cartoons that she watches in TV. And what surprised me is that she uses the word in the exact situation.

But I hope she would behave at school and will not hide under her table or put her legs on the top of her desk, or tell her classmates to wake up during nap time. I know she is too little yet to know what she is doing, I guess she is one of the youngest at school but she really needs to be tame. I hope my husband is here to help me decide if either we have to take her for a specialist for being hyper or do I need not to worry?