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Can’t Let Go

I really had so much fun last night even though we stayed on the side of the street to hail a jeepney for Mommy Kat; we still had a good laugh! My day was just great, although I am a little worried of my grade 5 student because I was not able to help her review her notes, I hope she can do it on her own. I know I have to let her go, I know I have to let her do her things since she is already on her 5th grade but I am not just ready. I guess a mother anxiety strikes on me sigh! She told me she study her lessons last night, she meant it, she really does. I know I should have trust her, maybe I am just too concerned that she can’t do it alone. How much more if they decided to get married years and years from now, how would I accept the situation? I should say knock on wood. Hahaha! I just hope that it won’t come not just yet, LOL!