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My Little Stunt

Here’s my little tea pot, since her school is in a hurry to ask for a picture for her I.D. I decided to have this picture edit, so I can submit it to them the next day. Oh well, this picture still look so fine though, she was seriously, oh no just showing her cuteness.
Now, that little cuteness, or should I say that little shyness in the picture, just shows us her stunt, my little poser.
I love you so much my little Faith!

For An Athlete Like Her

The bag that we always used to put all the swimming materials of my daughter is already damaged, the zipper won’t close anymore. Since we can’t afford to buy another bag yet, I just purchased a mesh bag, which is cheaper than of the bag that we bought a year ago. But that is so hard to carry, Mj is always complaining whenever I ask her to carry it because it is too huge for her, thus, in no time, we should buy a wrestling backpack for her, because aside from the swimming materials, she also have to put the worksheets for Kumon. Hence, we really need a large storage compartment so we don’t need to bring another extra bag because all the things she needed can be put inside her bag. We just really need to budget that and so we can buy a rubber shoes for her and a school shoes for Faith. Oh Lord, please help us with our daily expenses.

Her Homework

My sister told me that Faith has homework; we need to cut out an object or a picture and paste it on her book to match the color of the box that was there. I thought my little teapot would just being naughty or bugged while I am doing the work for her, but to my surprised my baby helped me to finish her homework. What I did was I let her to be part of what I was doing; I am doing the cut out of the pictures since she is not allowed to hold a scissor then I asked her to put some glue on the picture and assist her to paste it on the page of the book. She was having fun and I was too! She was so excited yet of course there are some naughtiness she did so I just let her do the things she want, but when I finished cutting out, I really called her to do her job. When we were done, she told me good job Mama! Very good!

Measure Things Accurately

Sometimes we need to measure things. In most cases, when we need to measure something, we use a standard ruler or tape measure. These are normally divided into inches or centimeters depending on the measurement system you are using. To measure something that requires a very fine tolerance you would probably use micrometers. A micrometer allows you to measure things very accurately. Micrometers are often used to measure machine parts to make sure they are within tolerance. Can you think of something that you use every day that might require parts that need exact measurements?