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I Am Finally Driving!

I was inspired by my friends and sisters to drive and so I bought the car that was offered to me. But the car, since it is a second hand type, there were many things that need fully attention, oh well some was my fault. But I don’t want to go into details now, it just makes me weary but today, I was so happy because finally I drove at Kumon with sister Merlyn to fetch Mj and I did it!

I went home first from the pool; my friends at the pool keep on telling me, I can do it since I already know how to drive. I just need a motivation and determination, that even without my mechanic beside me I can actually drive.

Thus, I tried this afternoon, I told my sister I should practice driving and so she accompanied me. The only thing was when the road is hilly, my engine just died and I am having a hard time how to make it start because the moment I stoop down the accelerator, the car would move backward. I didn’t know what I have done, but I was able to manage it anyway, I just really need a lot of practice so I won’t hit any bumper at my back.

And guess what? We got home so safe, thank you Oh GOD! You really made my day!

Seek Alternatives

Nobody in my family smokes and I certainly do not condone smoking. It is a health hazard and I really don’t like the smell that adheres to my hair and clothes when I am around smokers. However, I also believe that there are too many restrictions being placed on smokers these days and that they should have the freedom to choose to smoke if they do so, as long as it is in a designated smoking area or in their home.
How can smokers still feel satisfied, when tobacco smoking has been banned or restricted in many areas? Electronic cigarettes are now available to smokers. I don’t know a whole lot about them, but maybe smokers should give it a try. It seems to me that there would be less of a health hazard and the smoker can still get the satisfaction of smoking a real tobacco cigarette.
I have friends that smoke and they know my feelings about tobacco cigarettes and the fact that me and my family try to avoid places where there are lots of people smoking. But, for those who do smoke, I would urge them to try to stop or look at alternatives. Why not look out for our health and the health of others by doing our best for us and our friends by encouraging them to refrain from smoking or seek alternatives.

My Zipline Experience

We were so tired last night, my friend and I went to zipline adventure here in our place, I was so nervous and scared when they started hooking me up at the platform. I suddenly decided to loosened the rope because I don’t wanna go anymore, they really convinced me and said, they will just hang me, and if I really could not bear the heights, I will just tell them not to send me to the other end. I was really hesitant but I said okay, I feel like that was the bravest decision I’ve ever done in my entire life. Then they ask me if I am okay, so I said “yeah I guess” they counted 3, 2, then 1 and they let me go.
I feel the breeze of the air touching my face, I am not sure if I was going down but I was moving so fast towards the other end. I didn’t see anything; you may ask why, oh well, I was just closing my eyes at the whole trip. I didn’t see anything. But I know, I can feel it, the wind is rushing and blowing so hard in my entire being.
By the way, I’ll be posting my pictures some other time.