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I pledge to sleep early tonight

I think I am going to sleep early tonight, I haven’t took my nap this morning as I mentioned to one of my blogs, it was because I have so many things I need to do online that until it is not yet finished. I got too busy, plus I need to check our micro finance and compute the collections, it is not that much yet though, we have this share of funds every time we have the collections so we will have something to look forward on December. Yes, we saved that for Christmas, my partner and I agreed on that, right now it is moving forward although sometimes we could not collect the money that we lend on time, I didn’t really pressed a policy if the payments are late. I will just wait for them to pay me, good thing even they are late, they would pay me the exact amount. At least I have helped them the way I can, which it could benefit me as well.