Exploring more of their talents

Kids today are really different from the past; they are so just so active. Just like my daughter, she knows that she is so busy, she is attending KUMON and she’s on training for swimming yet now she is officially a member of a choir organization at their school, she told me that they will be having practice when they have a competition to join, but she promised to do well on her training. She believes she can do it. And like her, four of her team mates did the same thing too, one auditioned for majorette and two others were attending folk dance at school. They really think they can do all that stuff, they have no limitations, they just do what they have to do. Maybe because their parents are always there ready to support them unlike we were before, our parents were not there to support us, I mean for me literally, I don’t have them to cherish me or to give me back up to explore my talents as if I have?, for any school activity because they were gone since then.

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  1. rjs mama says:

    sobra busy ng daughter mo sis 🙂 Mom-ME time linky is up, hope you can join

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