FTF # 47: Grab a Crab

Today I just met a friend, whom I haven’t seen for a very long time; of course when two friends meet usually they would eat out in a restaurant where we could talk a lot of things. So here’s our crab for you to see.


10 Responses to “FTF # 47: Grab a Crab”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Kagutom naman yan sis. Miss ko na ang alimasag hehehe

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  2. ♥FoodTripFriday♥ says:

    I love Crab, it's my favorite,but the thing is,it's too messy to eat it in a restaurant unless they cracked the shell for me.

  3. Silver says:

    hay na miss ko na yang crab.. nice pic.

  4. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Nice to see old friends .. food looks delicious 🙂

  5. Des says:

    The crab looks delicious! 😉 Hmmm, I love…:)

  6. Chie_Wilks says:

    yay, maglaway man ta ani..yum yum! i missed FTF

  7. Grampy says:

    That crab looks so good. I hope you brought some home for me.LOL I also think you two ladies are very beautiful and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Cheerful says:

    that looks yummy…luge ako kapag crab, ako kasi lagi nagka-cracked at taga-kuha para sa kanila, hehehe! samantalang nung dalaga ako, ako ang pinagcra-cracked ng papa ko, hehehe! anyway, miss ko na din iyan…btw sis, parang magkamukha kayo, parehong pretty! have a great week! 🙂

  9. Deborah says:

    I love Crab…the one you're eating looks fabulously delicious! Its also nice to have a special meal with someone you haven't seen in a long time…that makes it even more yummy!

  10. kat says:

    wow, sarap ng crab…panghatag hahaha.


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