KID # 12: Responsible Sister

Even though there are times that my eldest daughter gets too stubborn and she seems not obeying me or just ignore my favor at all, yet she is such a responsible sister to Faith. She would feed her on Sundays and bathe her or change her clothes, my husband and these two are my treasures in life. With them, I have nothing to ask for.

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  1. Vhen says:

    wow, sweet naman ni ate… very good girl..

    visiting from KID!

    hope you can stop by too 🙂

  2. Laikka says:

    wish my little girl will be soon like her… to her little sister:)

    visiting from KiD..mine is here;

  3. ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ says:

    Bait naman ni MJ, I doubt if I can trust Patrick to be like that with his younger brother.

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles.

  4. Clarissa says:

    awww…she's such a sweet Ate!They really get along together well^_^

    Happy KID!

  5. purethoughts says:

    wow! such a sweet ate! thanks for the visit sis! returning the visit via KID!
    Raya of Our Home and Haven

  6. ☆Mama Ko☆ says:

    super bait ni ate, talagang maasahan na tong panganay mo mag alaga ky lil sissy ano

  7. melandria says:

    ooh, she's really good. Ooh, i wish Peachy can be that responsible when she grow older too. Thanks for the visit.

  8. Rovie says:

    wow buotan man kaau siate oi… keep it up!

  9. Gene says:

    That's so sweet of Ate!

    Late visit from KID (July 25). Hope to see you in my blog: Playing in the rain

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