Staying Home

We decided not to go out today since I expend a lot of money yesterday more than of what I expected. It seems like it was beyond my control at all, well at least I already paid the Kumon of Mj so that lessen my burden now, I also paid the tuition fee of Faith but what I am concerned about now is that I didn’t yet pay the tuition fee of Mj and the remaining balance of her enrollment fees, sigh. So for me to get away from unexpected expenses, we rather stay here at home and rest. I’ll be taking my nap after this post, happy napping guys, I mean happy Sunday to you all.

2 Responses to “Staying Home”

  1. Silvergirl says:

    staying home is less expense, thats what i'm doing too. Since my 3 daughter are studying and making some research and assignment, we only go out to attend mass.

  2. kat says:

    yeah, korak, maypa mag puyo kay way gasto..okay ra kung kita ray gawas, pero if kasama ang mga junakis, ahak buslot ang bulsa hehehe

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