I’d wanted to watch the Unknown movie, good thing yesterday while my daughter was in KUMON I had a chance to go to the DVD shop and bought some movies I love to watch. And when we arrive home, right after I made a fruit salad for my kids, I immediately inserted the DVD’s I longed to watch.
We were confused at first as to why somebody has taken his place while he was in a comma due to the accident when he went back to the airport to get his back he forgot to bring from the cart. His wife did not even try to look for her. The Doctor told him he got amnesia, he could remember some but there are chances that he might forget who he was before the accident.
But he insisted that he should go out in the hospital to look for his wife and when he was able to find his hotel to see his wife, his wife doesn’t know him anymore. And there’s another guy who pretends he was him, he tried so hard to find what’s happening only to remember that he was a hired killer.

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