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Flu Vaccine Today

So instead on Monday, we are going to their dentist today. We were so busy on Monday and Tuesday even we did not have any classes those days, Mj has to go to her training early in the morning so that explains the absence of two days because we were already tired when we arrive home.
The Irene storm already stopped but it leaves a big mark on my husband’s house, the trees fell on her roof that made it damage. And to fix that, he needs $1,000 plus for the payment. Thus, I did not asked him for flu vaccine, I thought we are going to postponed it next week but he called me last night to wired me some money for the vaccination.

KID # 17: Weekend Getaway

It was a sudden and a quick invitation yet we enjoyed our weekend getaway very much. Thanks for the Davao Sea Lion Swim Club it was a very nice bonding!

Something Good

I think I cannot go on for another hour, I badly needed to rest I just finish doing some laundry since our washing machine was broke. My sister asked if I could buy another one since she thought it could not be repairable at all. But my husband said it will be a waste of money since the surprise will about to come. I am not sure what it is, but I hope it something good. Thus I did not insist, he told me then to hire somebody who can repair it. Now, folks I have to say goodnight!

FTF # 55: Sweet and Sour

This was the sweet and sour I cooked last Christmas, I wonder what will I cook this coming Christmas. How I wish to celebrate it with my husband.


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