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KID # 14 : Friday and Saturday

I was too busy on Friday, I have to attend Faith’s Nutrition program at her school. She was excited to perform at first when the other group performs, she even wanted to join them in the stage but when it was their turn to present. She did not went to the stage to dance.

Here’s Faith with her friends and classmates

Her prize for the game bring me orange, she was able to ran first towards her teach and show the orange that she was holding.

And on Saturday, Mj has training in a standard size pool since our city doesn’t have 50 meters pool, we have to travel yet for 4 hours just for the kids to be train in a 50 meters pool .

Here’s Mj and her teammates ready to dive in the water

And there she was, so tired and exhausted
and yet was still able to make fun in front of the camera
BTW, their competition will be this coming Saturday, can you pray for them and wish them the best of lucks? Thanks!
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