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8 Gorgeous Online Galleries Every Painter Should Bookmark

Painters do not paint in a vacuum so it is good for them to be able to see all the other artwork that has been and is being created by other artists. The internet makes this easy as painters no longer need to go far to see just about any painting or other work of art. Here are 8 gorgeous online galleries every painter should bookmark and why they are worth bookmarking.
View Art Online
These galleries are worth bookmarking just to see the art that they have on display. Being able to view art online is a marvelous gift and one that all painters should take advantage of. But you don’t have to stop at looking at random art online.
Inspect An Artist’s Entire Catalogue Of Work
Instead of just checking out random paintings you can systematically inspect an artist’s entire catalogue of work, or at least as much of it as is available online. This allows you to research your favorite artists in greater detail to see how they carried their techniques through not only their more famous ones but also through the ones of lesser renown. If you want to be one of the greats then you want to study the greats and this is a wonderful way to do that.
Discover New Artists
You don’t need to stick to famous artists, however. You can use these gorgeous online galleries as a way to discover new artists and new styles of painting. You can see what the trends are in the art world and what you might like to take away from what you have learned. If you haven’t put your work out there much then you may also find out where newer artists are posting their works so that you can start making some efforts to follow suit.
Every Style You Can Imagine
With these online galleries, you don’t have to stick to specific artists or artists from certain time periods. You can choose to go by styles. While some styles are more commonly associated with specific time periods, by reviewing a number of works of a particular style you can see how different artists apply the same techniques and ideas to get a better idea of what a style can do.
Buy Art
You don’t need to just look at the art that you find either. Some of these web sites are created purely to let you view the art but others have been setup to let you buy it. If a painting moves you enough then maybe you want to have it for yourself so that you can receive inspiration from it all the time.
Get Inspiration
The whole point of these online galleries for painters is inspiration. Whether they inspire you to refine your skills or to create your own defining masterpieces, these online galleries can move you to new heights in your own art. Then you can end up in an online gallery and do the same for another fellow painter.
8 Gorgeous Online Galleries Painter Should Bookmark
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A Great Start

It is so nice to found some relatives especially when you don’t know that they are existing, all I know is that, here in our place, we were only few and I thought I knew enough from the province. When I saw my sister’s account in FB, I asked her about some friends who are listed there as we have the same surname. My sister said she doesn’t know, they just invited her to add them up ever since she puts her middle name, our family name before and she just accepted them since we have the same surname. So I add them and talk to one of them, he said he has some relatives in Siquijor, actually his half brother is from there. And I told him that, my father’s family is from there and so we are really on the same bloodline. I just hope we could get to see them in the future, yes we don’t know them but I guess knowing them in FB could be a great start.