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FTF # 53 : Cake For Nutrition Day!

The only dessert I could think about when Faith’s teacher asked us to bring some desserts for their Nutrition Day is a cake from Red Ribbon.

This is the cake for school.
And since I know that the cake will be finished just before the party ends, I made sure that we could still some munch some cakes, I bought another cake for the house so when the party ends, when we are at home, we can still eat a cake.

I am sorry for not capturing it well.
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Spare Batteries

More and more we are tending to depend on our mobile technology when we are away from home and on the job. Cellphones, notebook computers and other battery-operated devices are becoming more and more prevalent. If you have ever had a battery run out on you, or if one has quit to charge, finding a replacement can be a problem. If you child has a PSP, having spare psp batteries can really help keep your kid entertained when you are on a long drive or away from home. Keeping the battery changed can be a challenge, have a fully charges spare or replacement battery is one way to keep them occupied. My very active 3 years old can sit for hours with her sister portable game device and that is my quiet time.

Good Luck Davao Sea Lions Club!

Tomorrow is one of Mj’s big events, it is her swimming competition tomorrow and like her I am getting so nervous. There are 150 swimmers who would attend for the competition and I am hoping for her to at least get a position, and after the competition she will going to have an elimination for DCAA meet, I hope she can make it. Anyway, I know she will do her best and if she can’t make it, I will always be here for her. This will not be the last competition she can join; she will prove her worth even if she lost. She already proved herself enough during Milo competition and she finished the 3 events (Breast, Free, Back) first.

This was the result of the Milo Competition:

Meter Breast
1 MJ 1h0 RJFST X 53.62
2 Mae 10 FSC 55.26
3 Jade 9 BMSC 55.96

Meter Free
1. MJ s1h0 RJFST X 40.34
2. Jade 9 BMSC 40.72
Meter Back
1. MJ RJFST X 45.74
2 Jade 9 BMSC 51.55
Meter Fly
1 Isabel 10 EGST 41.76
2 Jade 9 BMSC 43.96
3. MJ RJFST X 47.18
Meter Fly
1. Alexandra MSC 35.192
2. Kate L 9 OMST 37.123
3. Jade 9 BMSC 37.744
4. MJ 1h0 RJFST X 38.16
Note: Just posted the name of the kids and not their full names.
Good luck Davao Sea Lions Club!