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FTF # 55: Sweet and Sour

This was the sweet and sour I cooked last Christmas, I wonder what will I cook this coming Christmas. How I wish to celebrate it with my husband.


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The In Demand Profession

I supposed to go to the massage parlor today but my friend message me already too late so I just went to the mall to grocery shop.
Whenever I go there, I wonder what else does the therapist could do aside from doing a massage in the massage parlor, or if they ever dream to go abroad for their skills. Therapists Jobs are so in demand nowadays, I heard some countries are really hiring for this kind of profession. And I know their salary could not even sustain to support their family, so if given the chance I am sure they will grab it. But they should have a proper training and they should know what other jobs they should do. I know some schools offer a therapist course, if they would pursue it, I am sure they will be hired since they already know what to do and they have the certificate to prove that they are a professional therapist.

Broken Mirror

The moment I stepped inside our gate, my little toddler ran towards me and throws me a hug. It is indeed a nice feeling for your kid to hug you tight and will say she loves you but then breaking a mirror is another story. It is so disappointing!
Right after she hugs me, she was running around the house like a horse, then she bump into our mirror and ran away. The mirror was moved and fell in the floor. The last thing we know the mirror was turn into pieces. Good thing, that my daughter is already a bit far from where the mirror fell otherwise she will get wounded by the broken pieces. Sigh, another accessories to buy the next payday, the study table and the stand fan is not yet realized now I have to mind to purchase another mirror. I wonder, what life will be like without a mirror to pose with and no mirror to see you through of how do you look like when you go out in the house.

Funny Shirts

I just arrived home from looking around the mall; I was trying to find funny tee shirts for me. I just find it so cool and cute to wear that, I have seen a lot of gals wearing that shirt and I can’t help to glance and read at what has been written on their shirts. But sigh, I was not able to find what I like, the one I saw doesn’t have a comfy fabric. I might be looking around again in the other mall tomorrow right after I collected some money from my partner for our micro finance business.