FTF # 52: Free Lunch

These are the foods we ate at lunch at Woodridge where our kids had their training, it was the birthday of one of their team mates and her Mom treat us for lunch. Obviously we were so full afterwards and thus I sent Mj immediately to KUMON.

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7 Responses to “FTF # 52: Free Lunch”

  1. Chie_Wilks says:

    wow, kadaghan sa foods…it's so sweet of the mother to treat a free lunch

    here for FTF sis: mine's here

  2. imriz says:

    training and a free lunch…it's a rare chance…
    have a happy weekend ,anne.

  3. jellybelly says:

    Coke, very prominent 🙂 I used to never eat a meal without it 🙂

    The Twerp and I

  4. ♥FoodTripFriday♥ says:

    Basta free lunch,kahit ano pa yang food, laging masarap! 🙂

  5. carinamodella says:

    a yummy and free treat…very nice!

  6. simply kim says:

    wow! great food!

    do you mind checking out on <a href="http://mystories.info/2011/08/the-lighter-inspired-by-the-movie-the-gods-must-be-crazy.html>The Lighter</a>?

  7. Dhemz says:

    wow! kalami jud sa handa…sos gutom na nuon ko da…ehehhee!

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