Garage Sale

I just had a blast today, I bought 4 pants for only 180 pesos each and it looks like new. Thanks to Ate Charlotte, who just had a garage sale today. I would never go to the mall for months because I already have some jeans to wear, it helps me save a lot.
And since I was too busy trying the jeans that Ate Charlotte sells, I didn’t notice that my husband has been trying to call me 7 times. When I finally answered the phone, he then told me I got so many miscalls from him. Oh well, spare the wife because I was too excited with the jeans that I tried, most of them were perfectly fit on me. Although I have to let it cut because it was so long, spare again the height. LOL

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  1. imriz says:

    aw, same here, i love "UK", from tees, jackets, bags, nakakahulay ako 🙂
    check it out 🙂

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