Good Luck Davao Sea Lions Club!

Tomorrow is one of Mj’s big events, it is her swimming competition tomorrow and like her I am getting so nervous. There are 150 swimmers who would attend for the competition and I am hoping for her to at least get a position, and after the competition she will going to have an elimination for DCAA meet, I hope she can make it. Anyway, I know she will do her best and if she can’t make it, I will always be here for her. This will not be the last competition she can join; she will prove her worth even if she lost. She already proved herself enough during Milo competition and she finished the 3 events (Breast, Free, Back) first.

This was the result of the Milo Competition:

Meter Breast
1 MJ 1h0 RJFST X 53.62
2 Mae 10 FSC 55.26
3 Jade 9 BMSC 55.96

Meter Free
1. MJ s1h0 RJFST X 40.34
2. Jade 9 BMSC 40.72
Meter Back
1. MJ RJFST X 45.74
2 Jade 9 BMSC 51.55
Meter Fly
1 Isabel 10 EGST 41.76
2 Jade 9 BMSC 43.96
3. MJ RJFST X 47.18
Meter Fly
1. Alexandra MSC 35.192
2. Kate L 9 OMST 37.123
3. Jade 9 BMSC 37.744
4. MJ 1h0 RJFST X 38.16
Note: Just posted the name of the kids and not their full names.
Good luck Davao Sea Lions Club!

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