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It will realized today

The plan that I had since last month will be realized today, I had been talking about paying the interment of my Dad for weeks now and I think the money that I had been waiting  to arrive is already at the bank. So today, we are going to pay for it so my Dad will be transfer since the lot that he was supposed to be at peace was already has been demolished. They had put his remains in a box and were just place together with other remains in a big cross as they called it. 
Good thing, I withdraw the funds last week because the fees for interment will increase next week. So I must do it now otherwise we will have to pay about P13, 000 instead of P11, 000. The memorial park that he would transfer to is nice, I am sure he will be happy to be there not to mention that they are neighbors with my aunt and uncle. Next project would be my Mom I hope I can come up with the amount that they will require so we could transfer my Mom from Surigao to here in Davao. God Bless Us!