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Car Wash

Early this morning, as I was cooking our dinner, I saw our car from our window. It was soaking wet from the heavy rain last night. It was not that hot so I took the car shampoo wax out that I just bought last week. I thought it was not that tiring, I was enjoying it at first but later when I was almost finish, sigh, it was draining, and I was sweating a lot yet I just can’t stop. I have to finish it, no wonder some car owners preferred to have their car wash by somebody else because it is not that easy. It was not easy maybe because the sun shines so high already and our car is not in a shaded area. I still can’t park it in our garage because I am worried I would hit it again in the wall or in a post, so I just leave it outside our gate. I finished washing our car past 8:00 a.m., and my husband has been waiting for me online. I supposed to go out early but darn I really need to rest before going out in the street.