Hyper Acidity

Last night, I took a break from the computer and watched a movie with my kids, when suddenly Faith felt so uneasy. She asked me a glass of water but before I gave her a drink, she threw up. She vomited all the foods she took that day. I was panicked; I called my husband immediately and told him what happened. She vomits 3 times and the last one was only water since she keeps on asking for it. 
I wanted to drag her to the hospital immediately, but Mj will be alone here at home if I would do that. I rubbed Faith’s tummy with the Efficascent oil, she keeps on telling me her tummy hurts. 
Early this morning, we prepared her for check up so even though she was still asleep, I carried her and immediately we went to the clinic, we dropped Mj off at the pool yet and we proceeded to her Doctor. We arrived there before 8:00 a.m., and I was surprised that even though we were so early and the clinic was still closed, we were already 17 on the list. We were served at 12:00 noon and there are still 50 plus to be served.  
Faith findings was she got more acids on her tummy, the doctor said maybe she drank a lot of coke or juice so no more soda for her yet only milk and plain water. The medicines alone were I spent 1,000 pesos plus the check-up fee. And I have to pay Mj’s Kumon Fee, now I am out of budget, sigh!

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