Not Required For Acidic

I just learned something today that if your baby is acidic, you should never change the milk or you should observe her upon changing it. 
Last week, when I had them for vaccination at their pediatrician, a woman offered us milk; it is new in the market so they are like promoting. So we grabbed it, my little toddler doesn’t like Nido, so her Nido was still there untouched, she was used to Gain but since she is already a toddler so we changed her to Nido. And as I though she would love the taste of Aquiva, we grabbed the free sample. 
I was unaware that her tummy is already struggling for the new milk; she vomited 3x last Saturday night after three days of forcing her to drink. So we went to her Doctor for check up, her pediatrician gave us some meds and so I was relieved. On Tuesday, I tried to let her drink again the new milk, right after that she gets so weak until we went to school. She hugged me so tight and doesn’t want me to leave the classroom, whenever I would say could I go out Faith? She would reply not yet Mama. After like a few minutes, she threw up all her milk she drank that morning. Now we are back for Gain. 

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  1. kat says:

    Hay sus Anne, Gain diay na si Faith?? ako anak Anne kay Gain pod.. ang mga batang Gain ang gina-inom, sensitive na na ug bituka..kasagaran pod nag Gain, dili ganahan ug Nido..ako anak dili pod moinon anang Nido adtong akong gi change kay toddler na lagi..naka balhim ko ug lain gatas kay 4 years old na si Janjan…

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