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You may wonder where I was these past few days, oh well, just got too busy with the requirements of my daughter for DCAA. Finally, I was able to get face to face and talk to the chairman of our unit, he seemed so nice, and he helped our teammates to be a member of his unit. Now the chance of our kids to be joining in DCAA will be realized soon. I can’t wait to see my daughter again swimming hard and having fun for the competition. We are so excited!

Tan Towel

I don’t need to tan and I don’t really sunburn very easily, but my husband has light skin and sunburns very easily. What he needs to do is expose himself to the sun only or try some other method to tan his skin. Perhaps a tan towel would work for him. He really does not like to be in the sun for long periods of time, but there are times when me and the kids will force him to, we love the beach and the sun, so he really needs to have a good tan so that he will not easily get a sunburn.