Archive for October 13th, 2011

Tricking On Me

I really hate when Mj does some tricking on me. It has been days when I asked her to drink her vitamins but she would say yes and when I check the vitamin, it seems like it was not even touch. So I know for sure she did not take her Memory Plus. I know it doesn’t taste good but this helps her not to forget what she reviewed as she keeps on forgetting those. So maybe tomorrow, I will be the one to get really the vitamins and would feed her one spoon. 

When I Drive

There are times that I went out in the house earlier than of my schedule to fetch my eldest daughter. And it is dreadfully so hot, even the glass in front of me was tinted; yet the sun would get through to my face. My eyes would get red and I tell you it is indeed so painful. My sister suggested I should be wearing sunglasses, and I think replica sunglasses will just be perfect for me. Not to mention, those sunglasses were just so cool to wear, so I can’t wait, in a day or two. I will have to make a canvass and will definitely buy one. I hope it is not that expensive though, otherwise I will just wear a cap minus the sunglasses.