DCAA Meet: Congrats Mj!

I just want to congratulate again my daughter Mj for doing a good job in swimming, she won the second place in 200 m IM and second in 100M backstroke and got the third place 100m freestyle on DCAA meet that was held yesterday. She had a close swim with her team mate in 200m individual medley and suddenly she swim passed by her on the last lapse, everyone screamed and shouted, and we got too excited with that event. I can’t help to jump and cheers for my daughter, I am just so proud of her. This is her first competition in DCAA or Davao City Athletic Association, and for me even though she’s still have more to improve with her speed, she just done a very good job. Cheers for you Mj and keep it up!

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  1. Grampy says:

    I agree with your Mom. You did an excellent job.Keep up the good work. Someday we will see you in the Olympics.

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