First Time To Ride Alone

Faith wanted to have a ride, so since this was her day, I went to the booth where I could pay her and her sister to keep her company for that ride. But I was surprised because the in charge informed me that Mj could not get to ride anymore because she was so tall for that ride. I asked them about the safety of the ride, the girl said it is safe and that is really only intended for 3 years old up. Mj and I were excited at the same time were nervous for Faith. The in charge helped Faith to get to that ride, and he secure the seat belt for her. I could see Faith was so happy and extremely excited for her first ride alone. Whenever she would pass by us, she would tell me she’s scared but guess what? She was all smiling or she would asked me what’s that noise or something when the ride gets down a bit and would create noise. The ride ended with Faith wears her smiles up to her ears; I was so happy that she enjoyed it a lot. 

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  1. simply kim says:

    brave girl! i can imagine how excited she was during the ride..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Teacher, Teacher, I Am Sick!?

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