No Computer At Night

My youngest daughter has been hooked up in the computer, although she’s not playing online games and that she only went to cartoon videos, or ABC or an educational game, I still ceased from exposing too much in the computer. The other night, I gave her task and that is to study her lesson, of course with my assistance. I noticed she is not concentrating on it unlike when she does clicking in the computer. So from then on, no computer for her at night, maybe I would only let her spend in the computer for like a couple of hours then after that she would rest and so she can focus on her study at night. This must to do it and I have to sacrifice my blogging stuff at night, besides I am blogging because of them, because I want to earn so I could buy them things or treat them outside. To sacrifice from it because of them is not hard to do, we have to prioritize our family first than of anything else.

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  1. Grampy says:

    I love the way you think. You have a good grasp on the way life should be. Your children are very lucky to have you.

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