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I Will Really Have To Try

I will really have to try driving on Sunday with my two kids alone, a while ago I thought not to drive and we will just go to the church through tricycle but on the second thought how would I be comfortable driving with my two kids if I will not get used to it. Besides, I could save money from taxi or commuting ourselves in a Jeepney. I just hope that Faith will not be bothering me when I drive, I will have to ask Mj to bring her Nintendo or Faith’s laptop so she has something she could get busy with while I am concentrating on my driving.

Singing Career

\My husband keeps on telling me that Faith is so cute when she sings but he would admit that Faith doesn’t have a good voice because they have mostly the same voice. LOL!
On that note, I will have to show you the latest video of my little girl singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. My niece and I were trying so hard to capture the best moment of her singing career. Hahaha!

And the second video is her wee wa wa song, if ever you would asked me oh well I just don’t know you better ask her, what is it all about. 

5 Years Old Little Girl Calling 911

While cooking breakfast this morning, I open my computer in the bedroom and started to browse of course, what else the FB is there anything we could easily browse? I mean I guess it is already a routine for most of us; everyone is hooked up with this network site. Anyway, as I browse, I saw this link of a 5 years old girl who called 911 for her father. Her father could not breath and is having chest pain and the moment her father called 911 he can’t hardly breath at all so her daughter takes over and asked the 911 to come over real fast. She was so sweet and so much full of concerned, you might want to take a look for the video, here’s the link.

Hiding My Emotions

Every morning I always wait for the Kris TV to be aired at 9:30 a.m. I just love all the topics she got there, and this morning they were talking about single moms and such. I wasn’t able to follow their conversation but I could hear what they were talking about. 
When I was still a single mom with my eldest daughter. I always taught her to be firm and strong and be independent. When I have problems and I wanted to cry out loud, I would hide it from her because I know it will double her the pain and that proved one day, when I can’t help but to cry and she saw it. She hugs me tight, she doesn’t say any words but I know she cried. I even saw her cried alone; I know she was hurting with seeing me crying. From then on, I was being very careful with my emotions, with my feelings and with my day-to-day struggles. She doesn’t deserve to feel all the pain that I had, she is young and vibrant so she deserves to have a happy life.