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Hiding My Emotions

Every morning I always wait for the Kris TV to be aired at 9:30 a.m. I just love all the topics she got there, and this morning they were talking about single moms and such. I wasn’t able to follow their conversation but I could hear what they were talking about. 
When I was still a single mom with my eldest daughter. I always taught her to be firm and strong and be independent. When I have problems and I wanted to cry out loud, I would hide it from her because I know it will double her the pain and that proved one day, when I can’t help but to cry and she saw it. She hugs me tight, she doesn’t say any words but I know she cried. I even saw her cried alone; I know she was hurting with seeing me crying. From then on, I was being very careful with my emotions, with my feelings and with my day-to-day struggles. She doesn’t deserve to feel all the pain that I had, she is young and vibrant so she deserves to have a happy life. 

During Christmas Season

My husband has this hat for years now, I wonder if he likes a new one because if he loves to have a nice fox hat, I will probably give that to him as my Christmas gift or maybe he could choose one of the best items in fox racing apparel.  Oh well, how I wish we can be together this Christmas, that’s always my dream every year, every time the Christmas season is approaching. I know God will answer my wishes in the future or maybe soon, I just have to be patient and be optimistic about it. 
He got many plans and I am holding to his promise because if I won’t, I already might have given up. I am not a perfect wife and he is not a perfect husband either I guess no one is perfect in this world but there’s one thing we ought to have and that is our great love to each other. 
There are times I wonder if we are really meant for each other, I even told him about that. His love to me is just too strong so he said that if we weren’t maybe we didn’t have our beloved little teapot, our very own Faith. God gave us Faith so even we are miles apart; we will hold that faith because of her. 
I admit every Christmas I always longed for him; I always want to give my Christmas presents to him personally and not only in mails and such. I always want to buy and surprise him things online I want to see his reaction upon receiving it. But it didn’t realize last Christmas and the other year; I wonder when could we be together as a family not only for special occasion but everyday. 
My kids are always missing him during occasion. It was only on our wedding since we have him and after that all the special occasions are empty because we don’t have him. My eldest daughter always asks of him to be here but it seems like it is hard this time. Actually, it is really getting hard; it is only because of my children, why I am standing still. It is because of my kids that I still have my Merry Christmas. But even if my husband will not going to make it again this year, we are still giving him some gifts to at least he can feel the spirit of Christmas and that to let him know that we cared and love him very much. 


Mj finally receives an award as the MVP in the 2011 Mindanao Open Swim Championship-Inter School Age Group Competition. 
Butterfly – Gold
Backstroke – Gold
Brea stroke – Silver
Freestyle – Gold
Relay (Freestyle)- Silver
And one gold for being the MVP!
Of course she will not achieved this goal without the help of her coach. Hats off to coach Egay for the training he bestowed to our kids. Even though there are times that the kids had complains and excuses during practice yet their coach knew so well how to handle and when to be firm in regards with their training. Thank you coach Egay!