Just Arrived From Cemetery

As I thought it would rain later in the afternoon, I decided to postpone the visit to my Dad at the memorial park. But my sister went to our house and said we should go out today and not tomorrow, she said it will not rain for sure and if it will, most probably we are already home. So after we watched the Traveler’s Wife in HBO, we prepared immediately to visit my DAD. We arrived there past 6:00 p.m., we whispered a little prayer to my Dad we also dropped at my Aunt’s place since they are just in the same place. The kids were gathered, they would play at times but mostly they were told to be quiet and behave. We left the place since I am worried if it would rain, we didn’t have a tent to stay us from being wet. We ate at McDonalds after, with an agreement that we won’t be taking a cab. I noticed that it is not much crowded in the memorials today compared last year. Even at the cemetery that we expect to be crowded was not that tight at all, maybe people learned enough from the past by visiting their love one’s in advance. No traffic and we were able to get home right away. Thank GOD that it didn’t rain. 

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