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Curly Hair On Christmas Party

Mj and I agreed to have her hair curl on the Christmas Party at school but I was too busy preparing her stuff. I cooked fried chicken to bring it to her school, good thing my niece went here and she was the one who curled Mj’s hair. She loves it so much, she really looks like a grown up woman on her hair plus she is growing tall each day. 

Faith Has Fever

Last night Faith asked me for water after she drank water, she threw up. She said that her tummy is hurt, we put some efficascent oil on her tummy and she went back to bed. Early this morning when I touch her forehead she had a slight fever, when I checked her medicines, we ran out of paracetamol. I have to call my sister to send me some paracetamol for Faith. After she took her medicine she is starting to get sweat but she had an LBM so today I will have to send her to her Pediatrician. This would be a busy day for me because I have to drop by first my car to the repair shop because the horn does not function again, after we would take Faith to her pediatrician, I have to send Mj to Kumon and while she is there, I will have to send Faith back home so she can rest. 


I was out playing volleyball yesterday and the first thing I noticed was that I really need to be in better shape. I do get exercise running one daughter to her swimming practices and chasing the other one around to get her out of trouble but it’s not what I need. One type of exercise I have looked into is yoga. It looks like it could help me. Of course I would need to get a mat for yoga and possible a zafu type pillow for the exercises, but I know that I can do it. It would put a lot less strain on me and increase my flexibility as well as my overall health and can help me to lose weight.

Nearly Cried

I have my car repaired today, and since I am hoping I could get it just before I would fetch Mj from Kumon. I waited for it in the shop to finish, but little did I know the time just clicking so fast I didn’t even notice that I am getting late for my schedule to fetch Mj. When I checked the time, it was nearly 7:00 p.m., I hurriedly went to Kumon, when I arrived there, there are no kids waiting for their parents anymore, there are even no cars parked in the parking area. And when I checked my phone, Mj already messaged me that she was the only one who was left alone at the Kumon, I hurriedly went upstairs. I was worried too. I found her inside the tutor room with some teachers who were having a dance practice, when she saw me, she nearly cried, she thought I would not return for her.