Absent For Thursday Training

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I am the one who would prepare Mj’s stuff for her training since she’s at school the whole day, I am fetching her up from there and in the car usually she will just wear her swim suit there. I don’t know how she does it but every time we arrive at the swimming venue she’s done all her stuff. She would wear her swimsuit and the shirt and shorts that I brought for her. I could remember her telling me that she does not to be naked when she has to change, she would cover herself with her uniform and such, I don’t know, maybe she is just too quick so everyone would not notice her changing clothes inside the car, while I am driving. 
Anyway, on Thursday I knew I already have all the things on her bag but when she checked for it in the car on our way to the venue. She told me that I didn’t bring any swimsuit for her. Darn! I am so jerk to forgot the most important thing for her training. So since I could not go back anymore because if we would, I am sure we would already be late for the training, we just decided to look for the materials needed for her project. I messaged her coach that we could not come because I simply forgot her swimwear, geez. Silly me!

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