Don’t Hurt Mama!

My youngest daughter is known to be so hyper so we always told her and reprimanded her to behave, to be still or to at least just sit down in the couch for like an hour. We were watching TV this afternoon when she gets too naughty again, my sister showed her that small belt but hit me unintentionally. So my sister and I made a drama, she would act like she would spank me with that belt and my youngest daughter took it seriously. She cried and went near us and said no don’t hurt Mama! She stopped her Auntie to do the spanking again and tried to shield me. LOL, I was really surprised because she would really do her best just to protect me. So sister Merlyn said, you behave so I will not spank Mama, don’t jump from the couch or be too kulit. She went to me and lie down beside me on the couch, so we were able to enjoy the movie that we watched in the TV.

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