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Thank You Mama, So Many Candies Mama!

We were laughing so hard when Faith tried to catch some candies when I threw it up in the air for the kids. She held the magic sing on the other hand and the other hand tried to picked some candies. When she had her candies on her hand, she told me “Thank you Mama, so many candies mama, thank you Mama”. My niece and I burst out laughing and were impressed of Faith because even she only picked a few she never forgot to say thank you. Right after she danced and sing in the living room, she went to bed and asked her Ate Mj to lie down with her on the bed, I saw them together and Faith starting to get some sleep. Mj went out in the bedroom after Faith closes her eyes and we faced the 2012 together, geez, I so love this family, so simple, quiet but full of love.