Went To Party Last Night

Right after I sent Faith to her pediatrician for her fever, I dropped her and sister Merlyn to where they could ride a tricycle going home since I still need to fetch Mj at school. We went immediately to my friend’s house since they want a ride in my car, and I learned that one my friends that has a car will go there at the party as well, so I just parked my car at their house and we used their car going to the party. It was a good idea then because I don’t know the place and I was able to save a gas. LOL
Mj was not able to bring her barbie dolls as promised because I did not bring it that morning when we went to the doctor, I thought we could be home early but we weren’t able to because we need to wait for her Urine and platelet result
Geez I forgot to take pictures again grrr!

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    party party n lang sis ah =)

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