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For My Skin Allergies

I am suffering for skin allergy right now, I supposed to take the Alnix last night but I didn’t expect I was running out of stock then so for one night I have to suffer a lot of itchy. I feel like I am drunk because I got too groggy this morning yet I have to wake up so I can prepare Mj’s breakfast I supposed to assist her with her review on Science but I was too tired. When I got out this afternoon, I really didn’t forget to buy the medicine for my allergy I wanted to stay home to rest but I need to go out even it was raining so hard outside. Geez, rains give me goose bumps I feel like there would be a flood on the way home and I can’t get out. Paranoid eh? Oh well, everything is being too harsh already, few rains could make flash floods or lands slides or rock slides, how will anyone won’t get paranoid right? Anyway, when you are taking anti allergy tablets, you will fall asleep that easy so folks I need to go, goodnight everyone!