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Fell From Our Bed Again

Usually, I put my youngest daughter between of Mj and I but I always heard of my youngest complaints every night, it’s either her Ate is putting her legs on top of Faith or Mj would move in the middle and Faith felt it too tight already. I always woke up with her complains or whining. Thus, the other night I put Faith on the side and I just placed a pillow so she will not fall, it worked like few nights but last night together with the pillow she fell from our bed. I woke up with her cry saying ‘Mama’; I immediately took her from the floor. Now I really don’t know where to put her but sister said maybe it is better she will be put on the other side since the bed is attached to the wall so she will not fall, I hope it would work this time.

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Do You Need IWC Portuguese Replica?

IWC Portuguese replica is one watch that is chic and unique. International Watch Company was in 1868 when Florentine Ariosto Jones, an American engineer and also a watchmaker founded this watch company called International Watch Company. The aim of this company was to use the best and most creative craftsmanship in Switzerland and then combine America technology in watch design for the production of watches that are exceptional. And the result of this combination is perfect as we can witness with the numerous prestigious watches from this Swiss International Watch Company. There are lots of watches replicated from International Watch Company. These Portuguese replicated watches are chic and excellent in precision and chronograph. You confirm these features when you get a pair of a replica Portuguese from IWC which is another name for International Watch Company.

IWC Portuguese replica has become one of the world favorite in designer and unique watches that are very affordable. These replicated watches from this company can be used for luxury, aviation purposes, ocean usage and even mountain hiking. There is no profession that Portuguese replicated watches are not serving. These watches are becoming very exceptional in their design and feature as newer versions come up.

If you going to own IWC Portuguese replica, you would become synonymous with accuracy and excellent precision. This is because the watch is one that is rare and extremely beautiful. You don’t own one of these watches and still desire for another replacement of another designer watch. The watch takes care of your desires and taste because of the way they are made to be. The face of the watch from IWC is designed to be bold and the leather straps can only last very long. There is no disappointment in any feature from these replicated watches.

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KIDS # 23: Best Shots

This was taken when she just graduated her summer swimming class almost 2 years ago. I just aim the camera and shoot like few times so I can get the best angle of her and I did it.

Now that she is joining competitions already, it was my wish to capture her perfectly while she dives off the water but I could not just do it, sometimes they were already in the water when my camera clicked or they were not jumping yet but last year I did it, since I am already frustrated to get her captured while she dives, I put the camera on video but when I started it, it was not on video setting but the other way around and so I was able to capture her moment diving off the water perfectly. One of my great shots ever are those two during her competitions using my ‘not so’ DSLR camera.

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