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She Tried My Patience

My youngest daughter really tried my patience tonight. She doesn’t want to sleep, she was still hooked up with the movie in Cartoon Network, but she needs to sleep as it is already getting late. I let them watched TV tonight since Mj doesn’t have school tomorrow and Faith would only have a picture taking session at school for their graduation but that doesn’t mean she would be sleeping late. She cried so hard, she sat down in the corner and murmuring. She fought back when I tried to talk to her, I told her to face the wall yet she was not facing the wall but just sitting down in the corner. I let her but she knows I am already mad, I have to be firm otherwise she would think it would turn out to be okay for me showing that behavior if I would gave in. When she did not cry at all, I talked to her again and told her what she did was not good, I told her that if I want her to sleep, she would follow me, she said okay and now I am enjoying the silence of the night. My kids are now both asleep.

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Whining Tonight

Faith has been whining all evening, thank GOD that she is fast asleep now with a flashlight on her hand. I still didn’t get it as of the moment because she might wake up if I would try to get the flashlight. Yes, that is what she is crying all about because I didn’t want to hand her the flashlight, the battery is getting empty and she is just playing with it. Anyway, later I surrender since she needs to sleep for her school tomorrow and I know for her to lie down in bed is having a flashlight on her hand.

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