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KIDS # 24 : Unfinished Projects


When my daughter is absent from her school last week, she was worried because they had a project she needed to do. She doesn’t know yet what they are going to do with the materials that she bought so she just brought the materials at school the next day with her excuse letter so she can submit it to her teacher. The teacher told her to just make this project at school. She will have to make a cube and that other shape, this one was unfinished yet, because she could not decide which color would she like to paint there but this morning I could see it was green already.

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Diet Pill Safety

One thing I have always advocated to my readers is know what goes in your body. Know what foods and supplements are good for you. I know I am a bit overweight and I want to take off some pounds, but I am concerned about diet pill safety. I want to know all the side effects that they can cause and what problems they can cause. I would rather be a bit overweight than incur a major health issue caused by a diet pill or other supplement.

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